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Elite 8 Tournament

The Elite 8 Showcase is an invitation only event and will feature 8 of the top teams from Region 1. The teams, from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, feature current and past state champions, regional finalists, and semi finalists from the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series.

This is a unique opportunity to watch the very best local players who aspire to play at the collegiate level. Games will be 80 minutes in duration, broken down into quarters. Teams will make substitutions at the quarters  (some exceptions may apply) to ensure all players can be evaluated thoroughly . Each team will play 2 games a day.

December 12 & 13, 2015

Memorial Sports Complex (2 Turf Fields) 
1040 Tuckerton Road
Marlton, NJ 08053 

For more information contact:

Scott Treiber
Cell: 609.209.5709

Participating Teams

  • FC Europa X-Treme Crunch
  • Holmdel FC NJX Sounders
  • Marlboro SA Warriors Blue
  • Marlton SC JPS 98
  • Match Fit Academy FC Black
  • South Jersey Elite Barons 98
  • STA Morris United NPL 98
  • Stronghold Falcons

Field Information

Memorial Park Sports Complex
1004 Tuckerton Road
Evesham Township, NJ 08053

*Both M1 and M2 are turf fields.  M1 has the football goal posts.

Schedule - Saturday, 12/12/15

10:00 AM   SJ Barons   Match Fit   M1
10:00 AM    Marlton-JPS   Marlboro   M2
12:00 PM   Morris United   FC Europa   M1
12:00 PM   Holmdel   Stronghold   M2
2:00 PM   Marlton-JPS   SJ Barons   M1
2:00 PM   Marlboro   Match Fit   M2
4:00 PM   Holmdel   Morris United   M1
4:00 PM   Stronghold   FC Europa   M2


Schedule - Sunday, 12/13/15

10:00 AM   FC Europa   Marlboro   M1
10:00 AM    Holmdel   SJ Barons   M2
12:00 PM   Morris United   Stronghold   M1
12:00 PM   Match Fit   Marlton-JPS   M2
2:00 PM   Holmdel   FC Europa   M1
2:00 PM   SJ Barons   Marlboro   M2
4:00 PM   Stronghold   Marlton-JPS   M1
4:00 PM   Match Fit   Morris United   M2